July 31rst 2015: African Woman Day

In 1962, following the first Pan-African Women’s Conference in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, The African Union declared today, July 31rst the African Women Day. As you enjoy your day, the AfSol Blog Team wishes a happy African Women Day with a poem extract from Chants D’ombre(1945) by the renowned Senegalese writer and poet as well as former president Senegal, Leopold Sedar Senghor. Don’t forget that “Behind Every single sucess in Africa, is the story of An African Women”Strive Massiya.Happy African Women Day, Celebrate the African Woman!

African Women 2


Naked woman, black woman

Dressed in your color that is life, in your form that is beauty!

I grew up in your shadow. The softness of your hands

Shielded my eyes, and now at the height of Summer and Noon,

From the crest of a charred hilltop I discover you, Promised Land

And your beauty strikes my heart like an eagle’s lightning flash.

Leopold Sedar Senghor, 1945, Chant D’ombre

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