Editorial Policy

This blog aims to answer the questions “What are African-centred solutions in peace and security?” and “When should and can they be applied?”. It enlists competent academics and reflective practitioners across Africa and globally into tackling an important element of the “intellectual challenge” of peace and security as defined by African Heads of State and Government in the 2009 Tripoli declaration.

This blog will have a core group of contributors, and beyond this invites guest contributions. All contributions will be reviewed and copy-edited. Everyone is invited to take the debate further through the comments section.

Contributions should: be limited to 1000 words, be very concise, and clarify whether they relate to the What? or the When? question.

IPSS may contact contributors to expand on their blog for publication purposes.  Photos of the author are optional. The selection criteria for publication is line with our main research area which is peace and security in Africa viewed from an African-centered solutions/paradigm.

IPSS reserves the right to copy-edit without compromising content. Please email us at research@ipss-addis.org with any questions or concerns.